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Coen Capital LLC has developed some of the most notable projects in the tradition-rich Lowcountry. All of these projects represent vision, attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and a significant contribution to the community.


We believe the most profitable business plan is generated by concentrating on land and developments that are unique and valuable because of site-specific and area-specific characteristics that are not duplicated elsewhere. Examples would include waterfront property, in-fill projects, large tracts well suited for mixed-use development, tracts of land that are in primary growth corridors and sites that are positively impacted by roadway and/or bridge construction. Critical to this conviction is the underlying strength and stability of the marketplace. History and statistics support our convictions and will continue to validate our philosophy.


We communicate in a manner which is both clear and concise to completely and thoroughly understand the investment objectives.  We establish a business plan for every project, and determine how that plan relates to overall goals. We commence and maintain the project business plan that is updated on an ongoing basis.


The convictions we hold as a Real Estate Development Firm manifest themselves in the discipline we use to select our individual projects. We acquire land for future opportunities to take advantage of market conditions. We strive to maintain a diverse portfolio of projects which all exhibit unique characteristics with the potential to exceed normal rates of return.
If needed, we provide infrastructure and vertical construction to result in the highest return on the individual investment. These disciplines ensure that the best investments are maximized while the impact and possibility of a market downturn is minimized. 

Coen Capital has acquired, entitled, and developed specialty projects throughout the southeast since 1985. Development interests are concentrated where local knowledge and broad experience can continue to be utilized to develop distinctive real estate. The company has a bold attitude towards their ability to create successful real estate development projects.

Coen Capital practices continual risk management by constantly thinking ahead to anticipate the unforeseen and unexpected. As a result, our team is able to plan, engineer, design and develop complex projects. Our experiences include the following:

Land Acquisition

Land Planning/Master Planning



Site Selection

Development and Construction Services

Density Determination
and Allocation

Contract Negotiation

Investor Reporting/Relations

It is our belief that coastal and waterfront property will continue to remain in great demand. Growth patterns and statistics validate this business plan. In addition, the coastal regions of the Carolinas and Georgia are among some of the most sought after destinations in the nation. All of these factors will continue to fuel the desire for more recreational, residential, commercial, retail and hotel sites. Coen Capital has a proven strength for identifying exceptional properties and development projects.

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina

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Lowcountry Business Park

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Reds Ice House

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Eastport Village

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Bridgeport Center

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Tides Condominiums

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Select Projects:

Red’s Ice House, waterfront restaurant: acquisition, renovation, operations, sale

East Cooper Regional Medical Center: acquisition, entitlement, master planning

Charleston Harbor Resort: acquisition, entitlement, renovation, new construction

960 Morrison Drive: acquisition and renovation

Lowcountry Business Park: acquisition, entitlement, development

Eastport Village: acquisition, entitlement, development


Bridgeport Center: acquisition, entitlement, construction, development

515 East Bay: acquisition, entitlement and sale

515 King Street: acquisition, entitlement, restoration, leasing

513 East Bay: acquisition, entitlement

Middleburg Plantation: acquisition, restoration, sale

Walnut Grove Plantation: acquisition, restoration

114 Pitt Street: restoration and sale

23 Lamboll Street: acquisition and renovation

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